Refund Policy

This policy refers to the ARTtime store and online purchases.


Change of mind

Please choose items carefully. We do not offer refunds for incorrect choices or change of mind.


You are entitled to a refund

When the product:

  • Has a fault that the customer did not know about at the time of purchase
  • Does not match the sample or description the customer was shown

Under these circumstances, we will consider your request on an individual basis, and negotiate with you until a satisfactory solution is reached. This will usually be a refund, but may involve repair or replacement.


When are customers not entitled to a refund?

  • When you change your mind about a product or no longer require the product
  • If you have found a cheaper product elsewhere
  • When you have bought a gift that is unsuitable
  • If you knew, or should have known about a fault when the goods were bought, for example when sold as ‘damaged’ or seconds
  • If you cannot produce the original ARTtime receipt/invoice
  • If the goods were purchased more than 30 days previous to the request for the refund.


Proof of Purchase

Please note that all requests for returns, refunds, exchanges or repairs must be accompanied by an original ARTtime receipt/invoice, and be made no later than 30 days from time of purchase.


Return for Online Purchases

Goods purchased online can be returned at your cost by post to ARTtime, 203 Brisbane Street, Ipswich, Qld. In the case of faulty goods, ARTtime will reimburse your return postage costs.